Flight of the White Moose (Track)

Track #3 of Silva

If you download the whole EP, you'll get this track aswell.

Flight of the White Moose (Track)


The woods are quiet now
My heartbeat is the only sound
I've been running for hours on
I'm safe here and now but not for long

They think that I don't know
Blindly bolting through the snow
The fire shredding through the trees
Their thunderblasts are death aimed at me

Come the morning their dogs will be back
Soulless worms on legs
And in the second I halt they attack

I've seen the lust for blood
Burning in their piglet eyes
They crave my skin and they claim my crown
Tireless in their resolve to kill
I have become
A king on the run
A fugitive in my own domain

Deeper I go
Into the night
The last of my kind
I’m running for
My life and for my bloodline