King Bolete (Track)

Track #2 of Silva

If you download the whole EP, you'll get this track aswell.

King Bolete (Track)


I've stood through thunder
Whirlwinds and blistering rain
I've seen the forest become golden fire

My battle is won
My spores have been shed
And my work here is done

Like flowers shrivel
And the conifers bend to the wind

I must take retreat
Surrender this form
Let this flesh decay

But I am not this body
My true being is deep underground

As the earth commands
Winter rapes the land
And I rest..

Deep below new kings grow

We are but protractions
In this world to reproduce
And the purpose of our actions
Is beyond our own

Oh can you see
We're not what we seem
We are captives here
And death sets us free

Oh can you see
How this life is a dream
We are not our bodies
We are one, deep underground