2018 - Digital Distribution - Album
Imperium is a collection of stories from different stages in the life of a civilization. The theme was inspired by Sir John Glubb's essay The Fate of Empires, in which he explores the cyclical tendencies of our history. Imperium serves as a meditation on the transient nature of human endeavors and is a friendly reminder that nothing is new under the sun. The sound is influenced by that parallel universe where Metallica is a 70's prog rock band composing soundtracks for dystopian 80's sci-fi movies.
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Drum recordings and Mixes were done at Studio KUST, Gothenburg, 2014-2018 by Henrik Magnusson.

Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Saxophone and Percussion recorded at various locations by Memfis.

Gandaberunda, additional vintage instruments and tape echoes recorded at Sonores Studios by Jonas Odhner.

Gandaberunda and Ouroboros were mixed by Mattias Engström.

Produced by Memfis and Henrik Magnusson.

Engineered by Henrik Magnusson, Mattias Engström and Jonas Odhner.

Mastered by Linus Andersson at Element Studios, 13-14 November 2018.

Music written by Mattias Engström.

Lyrics for Outburst, Imperium and The Resistance written by Mattias Engström. Lyrics for High Noon written by Daniel Götstedt. Lyrics for The Climb, Hubris and Bread and Circuses written by Henrik Hedelund.

Saxophone on the tracks Imperium and Ouroboros by Ulf Eriksson.

Artwork by Henrik Franklin.

Mattias Engström
Guitars, Vocals, Rhodes, Mellotron, Analogue Synthesizers, Pedal Steel & Percussion
Daniel Götstedt
Guitars & Vocals
Henrik Hedelund
Jazz Bass & Vocoder
Carl-Johan Lindblad

Special Thanks

Ulf Eriksson, Jonas Odhner, Henrik Franklin, Henrik Magnusson, Linus Andersson & Daniel Bergström.

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