Silva 2013 Press Statement

If you want something done, do it yourself.
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Memfis announce the April 6th release date for their third release Silva. It’s the bands first new recording since Vertigo (recorded 2008, released 2011). Silva marks a new beginning for the band, putting the label issues to the past. It’s released digitally as pay-what-you- want by the band themselves via It’s also going to be available on iTunes, Spotify and all the other big digital vendors.

Silva is the celebration of Memfis 10 year anniversary. It’s a story about the scandinavian wilderness: rabid elks, deadly fungi - and loving penguins. The sound is influenced by German kraut bands (Tangerine Dream/Can) as well as 70’s prog (King Crimson/Camel/ Bo Hansson). Memfis skipped the difficult third album, and is moving towards new musical grounds. The EP format allows for a compact and effective release with no filler tracks - quality over quantity.

Vertigo 2011 Press Statement

In 2008, we recorded a follow up to The Wind-Up (2006, Dental Records). Now, three years later, we’re releasing it.

Vertigo was recorded and mixed in Bohus Sound Studios during two intense weeks in may 2008, with producer and engineer Fredrik Reinedahl (Burst, Solstafir, Crowpath, Abandon etc.), mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic (E.S.T, In Flames, Mando Diao and many more). We financed this production ourselves.

Later in 2008, our former record label sued us. Eventually, after over two years of juridical circus, they pulled out the day before our supposed court date. A ridiculous amount of time and money were wasted on this. After this mess we decided to release the album on our own via the digital channels (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify etc). On our website ( you can pay what you want for it. Hopefully, Vertigo will be released on extra heavy double vinyl someday. Until then, it will only be available as a digital download.

The Wind-Up 2006 Press Statement

Memfis has rapidly taken the step from being a demo band to acclaimed album debutants. The band formed in 2003, and “The Wind-Up” was released in the fall of 2006. The record entered the Swedish album chart as #20, and received great reviews in magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Close-Up Magazine and Sweden Rock Magazine. Swedish public metal radio gave the band an award for “Newcomer of the year”.

In 2007 Memfis played at some of Swedens biggest festivals, such as Sweden Rock Festival, Hultsfred, Arvika and Peace & Love Festival. They also did a show at Bloodstock Open Air in the UK, among bands such as Nevermore and In Flames. Other gigs include a Nordic tour with Satyricon and shows with The Haunted, Entombed and Wolf. Memfis bookings are handled by The Agency Group.

Memfis influences reaches from the 70’s prog rock, through the alternative rock scene of the 90’s, to contemporary metal. Common references usually are bands like Mastodon, Opeth, Burst, Dillinger Escape Plan and King Crimson.

These Swedes could develop into one of the most important metal bands of the decade
Kerrang Magazine [4/5]
Metal Hammer [8/10]
The most anticipated debut album of this fall
Sweden Rock Magazine [9/10]
The best debut I’ve heard in several years
Close-Up Magazine [8/10]