User Account

To download music from our site you will have to register an account. Because our server has limited bandwidth and a limited monthly data transfer quota we can't supply public download links. If you don't trust us with your data (we could be hacked, we might be evil) there are other ways to get our music (CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, TPB to name a few). If you want to buy something physical you don't need to register an account but we'll still need your email and a shipping address.

Third Party Widgets

On some of our pages there are third party widgets (Flattr buttons, SoundCloud players, etc.). To fetch these widgets your browser will make requests to their respective servers which they of course will notice. What they do with this intel is up to them. We just think you should know.

Piwik Web Analytics

We use a free web analytics tool called Piwik to learn how people interact with our website. We host this tool on our own server so no data is sent to any third party.