2011 - Digital Distribution - Album
Recorded and mixed in Bohus Sound Studios during two intense weeks in may 2008, a studio and time slot we shared with Burst for their recording of Lazarus Bird. Vertigo wasn't released until 2011 due to legal issues with our former record label.
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Recorded and Mixed at Studio Bohussound, Kungälv, April-May 2008
Produced by Memfis and Fredrik Reinedahl
Engineered by Fredrik Reinedahl
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Studio Bohussound

Music written by Mattias Engström, except 'Versus' by Mattias and Henrik
Lyrics written by Daniel Götstedt, except 'The Burden' by Mattias and Daniel

Guest appearance on the track 'Vertigo' by Linus Jägerskog
Artwork by Claes Josefsson

Mattias Engström - Guitars and Vocals
Daniel Götstedt - Guitars and Vocals
Henrik Hedelund - Bass
Carl-Johan Lindblad - Drums

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